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Course Dinners


A - Yakitori Course $39

A 焼き鳥 コース

Asparagus Maki, Shisho Maki, Okura Maki, Ebi, Gingko Nuts, Shiitake,Negima, Tsukune, Uzura Tamago, Liver, Nanbanyaki. Total 12 sticks and rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert.

アスパラ巻、しそ巻、 おくら巻、海老、ギンナン、 しいたけ、 ねぎま、 つくね、 うずら卵、 レバー、 南蛮焼の12本と、
ご飯、 みそ汁、香物、デザートのコース

B - Sashimi & Yakitori Course $39  

B 刺身焼き鳥コース 

Assorted Sashimi, Asparagus Maki, Shisho Maki, Garlic Pork, Mini Tomato Maki, Negima, Tsukune, Okura, Nanban Yaki. Total 8 sticks and comes with Rice, Miso Soup, Pickles and Dessert.



C - Course (Vegetarian) $32

Cコース (べジタリアン)

Asparagus, Shiitake, Shishito, Gingko Nuts, Lady's Fingers, Long Onions, Egg Plant, Onions, Zucchini , Sweet corn . Total 10 Sticks and come with Salad Roll and Dessert.

アスパラガス、しいたけ、ししとう、ギンナン、おくら、ねぎ、なす、玉ねぎ、の12本と 、サラダ巻、デザートのコース


D -  Course (For 2 Persons) $72 

S スペシャルコース

Salmon Sashimi. Asparagus maki, Shiitake, Mini Tomato Maki, Negima, Tsukune. Total 10 sticks. Niku Tofu Nabe or Kimchi Nabe. Grilled Saba Shioyaki or Salmon Shioyaki or Hamachi Teriyaki. Comes with Garlic Rice and Dessert.



* menu will be subject to change seasonally.
* 季節により内容の変わることがございます。

Yakitori | Japanese Yakitori Singapore | Yakitori Restaurant | Ala Carte Yakitori | Best Yakitori

Yakitori,Japanese Yakitori Singapore,Yakitori Restaurant,Ala Carte Yakitori,Best Yakitori

Yakitori Restaurant / Yakitori Singapore / Ala Carte Yakitori / Japanese Yakitori

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant is one of the popular Japanese Food Restaurant in Singapore and we believe that Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant is probably the first yakitori restaurant in Singapore.Nanbantei Japenese Restaurant is famous for the yakitori, the meats (yakitori ) are seasoned with sea salt and are grilled over a special charcoal that has been imported from Japan. Ala Carte Yakitori Variety of meats, seafood & vegetables threaded on skewer, grilled and brushed with teriyaki sauce. Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant does offer several choice of best yakitori lunch set and for you. Now you can try our yakitori lunch set every day with more reasonable price.

Yakitori | Japanese Yakitori Singapore | Yakitori Restaurant | Ala Carte Yakitori | Best Yakitori