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Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant offers a wide variety of side orders. We use the freshest ingredients to bring you delicious Japanese dishes each and every time especially in our Japanese Hot Pot Food such as Salmon Miso Nabe, Niku Tofu Nabe and etc.

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Side Orders


Others / Varieties 煮物・その他
Eda Mame   $5.60

(Boiled Snow Peas)

Asari Butter Yaki   $12.00

(Pan-fried Clams with butter)

Hiya Yakko   $5.60

(Cold Bean Curd)

Chawan Mushi   $6.60

(Steamed Egg Custard)

Dashimaki Tamago   $6.60

(Rolled Omelette with Dashi)

Jaga Mentai Cheese  $12.00

(Baked Potato with Fish Roe and Cheese) 

Okonomi Yaki   $8.00

(Pan Cake Style Omelette )

Oshinko Moriawase   $6.00

(Assorted Pickles)

Miso Shiru   $3.60

(Bean Paste Soup)

Ninniku Age   $5.30

(Fried Garlic)

Salmon Miso Nabe   $15.00

(Salmon in Miso Hot Pot)

Kimchi Nabe   $13.50

(Kimchi Tofu in Hot Pot)

Niku Tofu Nabe   $13.50

(Pork with Bean Curd stew in Hot Pot)

Japanese Food | Japanese Dining | Japanese Cuisine | Japanese Dishes

Japanese Food, Japanese Dining, Japanese Cuisine, Japanese Dishes

Japanese Food / Japanese Cuisine

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant - We are specialized in Japanese Food / Japanese Cuisine especially in Yakitori and Japanese Grill Seafood. We have a good services and good Japanese food to share with your friend. Check our menu for more Japanese Food / Japanese Cuisine at our Japanese Restaurant.

Japanese Dining

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant ( Japanese Food Restaurant / Japanese Dining Restaurant) - Tucked away on the fifth floor of Far East Shopping Centre, the establishment is homely; small and cozy, with good ventilation ( crucial for a yakitori establishment).

Japanese Dishes

Japanese Food / Japanese Cuisine offers a great variety of Japanese dishes and regional specialties. You can try some of the most popular Japanese food at Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant.

Japanese Food | Japanese Dining | Japanese Cuisine | Japanese Dishes