A la Carte

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant – famous for the Yakitori, we offer a wide selection of ala carte skewered meats, seafood and vegetables. The meats are seasoned with sea salt and are grilled over a special charcoal that has been imported from Japan.

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Yakitori A la Carte (2 sticks)

お好み やきとり ( 1人前 2本 )

Seafood シーフード
Ebi (1 Stick)    $7.60
海老 (1串)


Hamachi   $8.00

(Yellow Tail Fish)

Tarako (Served in  slices)   $11.00

(Cod Roe)

Shishamo (3 Sticks)  $8.10
ししゃも (3尾)

(Pregnant Fish)

Fugu Mirin Boshi (Served in  slices)  $13.00

(Blowfish seasoned with sweet sake)

Hotate Gai (1 Stick)    $8.10
ホタテ貝 (1串)


Kaki Maki (1 Stick)    $8.10
牡蠣巻 (1串)

(Oysters wrapped with Pork)

Sake Harasu (1 Stick)    $7.50
鮭ハラス (1串)

(Salmon Belly)

Tako (1 Stick)    $6.00
たこ (1串)


Seafood Ala Carte | Yakitori | Ala Carte Meats & Seafood - Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

Seafood Ala Carte,Yakitori,Ala Carte Meats & Seafood,Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

Seafood Ala Carte / Ala Carte Meats & Seafood

Nanbantei Japenese Restaurant offer a wide range of yakitori ala carte / Ala Carte Meats & Seafood such as Seafood ala carte. The chef's art in cooking simple and fresh ingredients over an open flame is evident from the meats like chicken wings and tsukune (chicken meatballs),which are nicely charred on the outside, while the insides are full of flavourful juices, Service was prompt and friendly throughout.


Nanbantei is an authentic slice of the yakitori culture which originated from Japan. Sumiyaki choices not to be missed include asparagus wrapped with pork, tebasaki that are beautifully charred with the right intensity of smokiness, and tomato wrapped with bacon.

Seafood Ala Carte | Yakitori | Ala Carte Meats & Seafood - Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant